Up-level leadership program

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Up-level leadership program

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Stepping up into a new role can be challenging many times. At the same time, that it’s a great opportunity to build new things, to create, to inspire, to make a difference. It also means you can have a higher impact as a leader.

There are many angles to look at leadership development in higher roles, but one that I find essential it’s building human connections. Empathy and kindness can bring higher engagement, better cooperation among employees, higher psychological safety inside the organization, slimmer processes, better operations, better client service, and thus, improved overall performance.

We are looking at the transition from a human centered perspective:

☞ Lead to inspire

☞ Lead with kindness

☞ Live your values

☞ Create meaning and purpose

☞ Build a trust-based culture

Together we can ease the transition into a new role:

• develop new skills, behaviors, mindset to successfully shift into a more strategic role

• consolidate your leadership style

• enhance the strategic thinking, ability to inspire

• create a culture of trust, human connection and collaboration-based performance

• empowerment and work with senior leader teams

• manage stakeholders

• thrive performance

- duration/ session: 90 min

- specific term development program – ask for an offer

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