Iuliana Rusei

Iuliana Rusei
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Via Victoria Advisors SRL

Areas of expertise:

➡ Executive coaching for senior leaders

➡ Leadership consulting and mentoring

➡Strategic leadership and assistance during change and transitions

➡Organizational transformation and change management

➡Digital implementations in order to boost customer service

Purpose: Inspire people to lead with kindness and empathy, contribute to building authentic, value-driven leadership.

Personal values: Authenticity| Growth| Ethics| Curiosity| Making a difference

For coaching and consulting, feel free to get in touch and I will be happy to discuss a personalized program for you. contact@iulianarusei.com



Leadership it’s more than a role, it’s about making a positive difference. It is about building authentic human connections, being inspirational, living one’s values, creating meaning and purpose, enhance a growth mindset. Putting heart and brain together leads to higher performance. Becoming a better leader, implies aspiration in becoming a better human being, the focus is not on the role, the focus is on what we leave behind.


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